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I attended the Modern Pilot Instrument ground school during the summer of 2012. From the first class, there was a thorough lesson plan including a class syllabus of well thought out topics to be addressed, a PowerPoint presentation with supporting graphics, lots of real world scenario examples thrown in for discussion and plenty of time for questions. I was also impressed with Modern Pilot’s instructors, not only professional in manner and highly proficient in experience, but also patient, friendly and despite their high level of expertise, remarkably humble – a good quality for a teacher in my opinion.

- Robert Matisse, Private Pilot

Enough can't be said about the effectiveness of Modern Pilot's simulator training. The instructors are incredibly experienced, patient, and very friendly. And with the simulator, they can create some of the most realistic and challenging situations that you simply can’t do when training in an airplane. The result of being able to create extremely realistic equipment failures, weather hazards, air traffic control scenarios, and emergencies left me feeling very confident in myself to handle these situations in the airplane. Being able to pause the flight and re-trace my flight path on an approach to point out mistakes is an invaluable tool and learning method. By the time I finished instrument ground school and 20 hours of instrument training toward my rating at Modern Pilot, flying IFR seemed easy. I got more out of those 20 hours in the sim than I ever could have in an airplane, at a fraction of the cost, and I never had to cancel a lesson for weather or maintenance.

- Vaclav Turecek, Private Pilot

I came to Seattle for the summer with the goal of getting my instrument rating in less than 11 weeks while working full time. I knew I was going to do my flying in a glass cockpit, however from my private and float background, I wanted to also get training in a six-pack equipped aircraft to get the best of both worlds. With all this in mind, Modern Pilot offered everything I wanted and more. Their staff were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating with my tight schedule and goals. The flagship simulator was the best simulator I have flown and allowed me to get my instrument fundamentals down as effectively and efficiently as possible. It saved me a lot of money and without a doubt trained me better than what could have ever been done in an aircraft. After training 20 hours in the flagship, IFR flying with a glass cockpit seemed easy and gave me a lot of confidence in my skills. Starting my instrument training at Modern Pilot made me a better pilot, saved me money, and gave me invaluable skills that will stay with me the rest on flying career.

- Thomas Wilson, Private Pilot