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Traditional training inefficiencies

traditional flight training

Normal flight training is packed full of inefficiency. Consider the experience of driving to the airport, dispatching, pre-flighting, taxiing and then burning fuel to get to the practice area.

modern pilot advantage

modern pilot advantage

Our objective is to redefine the process. Whether you want to practice an entire flight from start to finish, or master a specific skill, we think technology is the answer to saving money and learning effectively.

task training

Instruction is most effective when flight skills are targeted and mastered individually. Our training specializes in accelerated learning practices that lead to better results for less money. We emphasize scenario training that cannot be safely executed in an aircraft.

leading edge

Not surprisingly, the ongoing rate of aircraft and avionics development has begun to outstrip the methods being used to learn them. We think modern, sophisticated equipment deserves modern, sophisticated training.

No matter where they are in their training, our students burn less fuel, learn more and spend much less than would normally be possible with traditional flight training methods.