Self Operated Learning Objective

The SOLO Program is a self-directed simulation based flight training program. This “student-directed” curriculum includes lesson scenarios paired with the flight simulator, communication with live virtual ATC, flight planning, debriefing, and post-flight performance assessments, lesson data is automatically logged and pushed to our cloud-based Portal, where is can be shared with and reviewed by an instructor.



Students have the ability to communicate directly with air traffic control, adding a profound sense of realism to the flight, and allowing for the practice and development of the critical skills of communication. Audio control is managed through the 1G-IOS, and headsets are plugged directly into the flight simulator.



With SOLO, students now have access to personalized curriculum and prebuilt sessions designed and approved by the flight school, and stored on the 1G-IOS. Students use the too to productively train on their own time, while their instructors can remotely monitor their progress and track their performance.

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Complex flight tracking includes instrument data, phases of flight, session metrics, and a host of additional tools to allow for productive performance reviews.



The one-G Portal is a secure, cloud-based portal which includes and array of helpful tools to streamline the administrative aspects of pilot training. In addition, lessons performed on the simulator may be shared and reviewed and are securely archived.