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modern pilot benefits

Our goal is to improve pilot safety margins and pilot proficiency through the implementation of a more efficient, environmentally friendly and productive flight training model.

Through the use of our fleet of FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD), we are confident that we can give flight training a shot in the arm.


  • Foundation AATD, Cessna 172 round-dial panel, GTN650, ADF: $55/HR

  • Foundation 1000 AATD, Cessna 172 G1000 glass panel: $60/HR

  • Flagship AATD, Beech round-dial panel, GNS430, ADF, autopilot, wrap-around visuals and control loading yoke: $75/HR

  • Tarbes7 AATD TBM700 turbo-prop, EFIS 40/50, GTN650, autopilot, wrap-around visuals and control loading yoke: $125/HR

  • Torrance44 ATP (non-FAA approved device) Robinson R44, virtual reality visuals, solo practice only: $55/HR

  • Instructor fees (sim and/or ground instruction): $80/HR*

    Note: All AATDs are fully compatible with Foreflight EFB

    *Add an additional $25/HR for multi-engine instruction. Add an additional $50/HR for turbo-prop instruction.